"B.Sc. Information Systems, Software Development Major - Singapore Management University"
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> Austin.interests["coffee", "food hunting", "hitting the gym", "hiking", "tennis", "ultimate frisbee", "poker", "drinking?"]
> Austin.skills["React", "Redux", "Vue", "Node", "GraphQL", "Javascript", "AWS", "Python", "Java"]


    • Vue

    • AWS

    • Terraform

    • Github Actions

    • GraphQL

    FAEDAS Web Platform

    FAEDAS is an Events Matching platform that serves to automate the beneficiary-volunteer pairing process for the Singapore Deaf Association (SADeaf). It also serves as a single-source of truth for SADeaf’s administrative needs such as tracking of invoices, feedbacks and event history.

    • Vue

    • Spring

    Travel Itinerary Planner

    A travel planner app which utilized Knapsack, Graph, K-means clustering and a scoring system to automagically generate travel itineraries.

    • Python

    • Postgresql

    Automated Trading Bot

    Automated trading bot that bought/sold based on news indicators and sentiment. Achieved 55% returns from Jan - March 2021 before the early March bond yield scare caused returns to fall 5%. Still a fun project I thought to list :)

    • Vue


    Travue is an application which helps streamline and ease the travel planning process by: (1) Aggregating frequently access Place of Interest (POI) data on a dashboard (2) Ease-free storing of said data above (3) Easy planning of itinerary with a kanban board

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